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City of Tshwane

5 - 7 June 2018

CSIR - City of Tshwane

Developing smart resilient African Cities by funding a capacity and technology transfer is a key global climate strategy.

In practical terms this means advancing towards best practice in service delivery, infrastructure development, urban planning and buildings, electricity, water, waste and sanitation services, health, industry, and agriculture.

About Sustainability Week 2018

The global economy is experiencing the highest levels of uncertainty in decades and the effects of climate change are wreaking social and environmental havoc, and counter intuitively perhaps, from these cinders could come great prosperity for Africa.

Concensus has been reached that a key implementation strategy to address global climate change, is to advance low carbon growth in developing countries like South Africa - a strategy which if successful will ignite and sustain economic growth through a burgeoning green economy.

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Address: CSIR International Convention Centre
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